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                Haida products
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                HotlineCustomer service hotline

                0510 - 8855 9911

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                ASMA503 series stenter

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                Structure of chamber

                ● A-B Independent upper and lower air flow thus the fabric balance can be easily adjusted from the operator panel (Twin-Stream)
                ● C Integrated exhaust duct
                ● D Lint filter can be cleaned from outside
                ● E Nozzles can be easily pulled out for cleaning
                ● F Pneumatic lifting doors
                ● G Energy conserving 150mm insulation
                ● H Return- air duct for the uniform return flow of the circulating air from the nozzle

                Cold air barriers in the fabric inlet and outlet

                The circulation air filters can be easliy pulled out for cleaning during production

                Pneumatic lifiting door, reduces space requirement increases the thermal efficiency

                Circulating fan - twin stream